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CascaisShopping Mall

S.M. – Empreendimentos Imobiliários, S.A. | Contimobe – Imobiliária de Castelo de Paiva, S.A.


Shopping Mall | Parking

203 478 m²

Project Value
€ 83 499 K (1991 Value)

56 Months

15th May 1991

CascaisShopping was Sonae Imobiliária’s first major Project. It opened on the 15th of May, 1991, and it was the first shopping centre in the country to serve a whole region. This project really was a quantum leap forward. It was located outside a city centre, which was a new idea at the time, and it introduced a completely new concept to Portuguese retailing. It has been a huge success.

CascaiShopping was a major turning point in Sonae Imboliária’s work within the sector and introduced a new concept of shopping centres. When the family, as a whole, is considered to be the central focus, restaurants and leisure facilities become very important. The architecture also has to adapt to accommodate new types of shops, which required more space than had previously been the custom.

The huge success of the Centre originated, in 1994, its first expansion - a Toy’s’r’Us shop was opened, as well as a new car parking (a Deck Park) for 500 vehicles.

In 1999 the renewal process of the Centre was initiated, divided in three phases, with the objective of minimising the impact on clients. This objective was completely attained, since the Shopping Centre kept its normal day-to-day activity during the whole course of the renewal works.

Besides the architecture and decoration restyling, CascaiShopping renewal resulted in the establishment of 20 new shops, as well as the creation of 700 new car parking places, during 1999 and 2000.

The first phase, concluded in April 1999, consisted on the implementation of 20 new shops where Printemps shop was previously located. In the scope of this first phase, the opening of the Sportzone shop must be pointed out, since it occupied the whole third floor of the Centre.

A serious of alterations has been made, so that it is now a “green shopping centre”. Many measures have been taken to this end. Equipment has been installed to reduce the amount of water and energy used, low consumption light bulbs have been fitted throughout the centre and the rubbish is now all sorted out.


Toys ‘R’ Us

Throughout the years, CascaiShopping received several prizes, either due to events carried out in it, or as to what the Centre itself is concerned, quoting as an example the Award for The Best Expansion and Remodelling of a Shopping Centre, in 2003, given by the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC).

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